Zhong Biao


Private Life
Titel: Private Life
Technik: France arches 88 Top Siebdruck
Edition: 40 von 50 Stück
Jahr: 2011
Grösse: 81 x 108 cm
Status: erhältlich
Dawn of Asia
Titel: Dawn of Asia
Technik: Siebdruck
Edition: 96 von 200 Stück
Jahr: 2010
Grösse: 30 x 21 cm
Status: erhältlich


Zhong Biao (1968 Chongqing) is one of the most famous and important oil painters. He graduated from Hangzhou Academy of Arts and then began creating a series of works that blend ideas about east and west, mixing western icons like McDonalds and similar with street scenes in China. His works show strong technique and often play with a contrast between color and black and white sketches, as if the paintings are only half completed. He packs his works with images from pop culture, the media and history.

„Dawn of Asia“, a picture within a picture, captures Zhong Biaos characteristic charcoal renderings, golden frames and fine acrylic embellishments. The framed picture within the picture portrays a herd of expressionless men and women dressed in 1980s-style, wheeling bicycles and walking away from the rays of light in the dawn sky; A young and modern-looking girl peers into the gilded frame and sees herself hurtling above the crowd toward the light as if she perceives hope in the distance. The contrast of a different time and space are brought together and divulge a speechless dialogue.


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