Ye Deer


Study Fairy Tale - A Bird In The Wood
Title: Study Fairy Tale – A Bird In The Wood
Technique: Photo / C-Pri
nts/ Alu Dibond
Year: 2004
Size: 176 x 216 cm
Status: available
Specimen Of Fairy Tale
Title: Specimen Of Fairy Tale
Technique: Photo / C-Prin
ts / Alu Dibond
Edition of 10 pieces
Year: 2005
Size: 81 x 312 cm
Status: available


The photo action artist Ye Deer presents himself as a “Golden Man” in a wide variety of environments. This is both nature (in the forest, in the water), but also industrial landscapes (sitting on a chimney or roof).

This “Golden Man” is meant to represent the self-love of the new Chinese empires, who are only interested in the material and no longer know any ideal values. They themselves are “shiny” centers, and their self-reflection does not allow other people beside them. Unless – they themselves, in a way cloned.


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