Shi Lifeng


Red Star
Title: Red Star
Technique: Oil on canvas
Year: 2008
Size: 150 x 150 cm
Status: available


Shi Lifeng lives and works in Beijing. His series “Red Persons” reflects the impotence of the people who live on the fringes of society. In order to obtain a strong coloured contrast, the artist opted for red figures on a black background. These appear in anonymous masses to struggle with mysterious actions in a seemingly unlimited space.

The images often focus on objects or people that symbolize the history or current sensitivities of Chinese society. So the red ant-men sometimes turn around on Mao, sometimes they flutter around with dragonfly wings in a cage, paddle, helpless on a bark in an infinite ocean or wander back and forth in an open book.

A symbol of disorientation is also the painting ,.Red Star” of 2008, which shows a red star held by an iron fist, which the males cling to desperately so as not to crash. The rock group Guns N’Roses liked this metaphor so much that they eagerly awaited the image as artwork for the single of their album , released in November 2008.Chinese Democracy”.


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